Manufacturer of Aseptic/Canned Purees & Concentrates of Mangoes, Guavas and Papaya ...  
1940s : Started with canning facilities to supply canned foods to the Allied Armed forces during world war II.
1971 : The Company went public and created facility for spray dried Egg powder to supply Indian armed forces which was the 1st in South East Asia .
1983 : Company diversified into manufacturing tropical fruit pulps with the first fully automated canning lines.
1995 : Setup frozen fruit and vegetable lines in Nasik to take advantage of the growing demand for ethnic snacks and vegetables in international markets.
1999 : 1st in India to install skid mounted, PLC operated Aseptic processing and packaging line.
2001-2007 : Added 5 more Aseptic processing lines with Concentration facilities during next 6 years.
2008 : Setup a new Aseptic Processing facility exclusive for Alphonso and high Aroma single strength Purees. The plant layout and design was done with the technical assistance of a leading Japanese Group.
Same year we initiated the NPOP(Organic Mango) program for Alphonso Mango.
2010 : Certified By Control Union (NL) for Organic Alphonso Mango tree
2011 : With the commissioning of new concentration line in Southern division we have doubled the capacity.