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  Spray Dried Lemon Juice Powder  
  Product Description  
  Lemon juice powder is spray dried using lemon juice / concentrate produced from ripe, clean, sound, variety lemons in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices.  
L.O.D (at 105 deg. C. for 3 hrs) 5.0 % (max) QC\MOA\C-001
Total Ash 3.0 % (max) QC\MOA\C-004
Total Acidity as Citric Acid 35% (max) QC\MOA\C-007
Particle Size pass through US 30 # screen with max 1 % retention on screen. QC\MOA\C-009

   Microbiological Specification
Total Plate Count (cfu/g) 10,000 (max) QC\MOA\M-001
E.coli Absent in 1g QC\MOA\M-004
Coliforms Absent in 1g QC\MOA\M-003
Yeast and Mould Count (cfu/g) 100 (max) QC\MOA\M-002
Salmonella Absent in 25g QC\MOA\M-005
   Organoleptic Evaluation
Appearance Lemon Creamish white powder free from hard lumps & extraneous matter. QC\MOA\SE-001
Taste and Odour Typical of ripe lemon QC\MOA\SE-001

Ingredients Lemon juice / concentrate, maltodextrin & anticaking agent.
Reconstitution Reconstitute back to normal consistency add 5 parts of water to one part of powder by making a smooth paste with small portion of water .Use blender for better results.
Application Lemon juice powder can be used to prepare fruit salads, jam/jellies, deserts, confectionary products bakery products, weaning foods, health beverages & many nutraceutical products.
Shelf Life Recommended use of product within one year of manufacturing
Storage In order to maintain product freshness, store in a cool dry place & reclose partially emtied packages promptly after use.
Packaging 2 x 10 kgs in triple laminated aluminium foil bags with additional polyethylene bag & corrugated box.